Specification & Features

The connection of the optical cables is integrated splice and termination modules. It includes the optical cable stripping and fixing assembly, splicing module, termination module, fiber storage area and implements optical cable inlet and fixing, fiber splicing and termination and optical splitter installation management.


  • Name : Optical Distribution Cabinet

  • Material : SMC

  • Operation Temperature : -25 C ~ + 60 C

  • Relative Humidity : < 95% (+40 oC)

  • Protect Level : IP65

  • Remark : SMC, front operation, ground /wall / installation without basement, stainless steel 304


User familiar industry interface using high impact plastic

  • Can accommodate 1x8 and 1x16 PLC splitter

  • Ultraviolet resistant and rain fall resistant

  • Wall and pole mountable

Front Door Side

Inner Side with Cable Route

Inside Part with adapter

ODC Pole /Wall